The Game Room

Its always good to have a few games in your back pocket. We’ll list some of our all-time favorites here.  Check back often for new games and feel free to submit your own in the Nexus Forum!

Who Am I

Supplies: 4×6 notecards or paper cut into squares, pencil, scotch tape

Prep: Write a famous name that every student would easily recognize on each notecard.  (Name Suggestions: Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, Abe Lincoln, Bilbo Baggins, Pappa Smurf, etc.) Prep one notecard/name for each person present.  Have participants get in a straight line facing away from you, then tape a card with a name to each of their backs.

How to play: Players may ask only “yes or no” questions of other players to try and figure our who they are.  (Example: “Am I alive today?” No. “Am I a real person?” No.  “Am I from a movie?” Yes. “Am I from and animated movie?”  Yes.  “Am I Shrek?” No.)  Players may only ask ONE question from ONE person and then move on to ask another player.  This insures that everyone interacts with everyone.  For a tie into your lesson make the names those of Bible characters, or use the fruit of the spirit.

The Magic Carpet Game 

Supplies:  large towel (beach towel) per team, or regular towels if you have a smaller group.

Split into teams of 8 to 12 people.

Each team will be given a “magic carpet” and all team members will be standing on it.


You are on a magic carpet, thousands of feet up in the sky. But you’re not going anywhere because your carpet is upside down. The object is to flip the carpet back upright without anyone falling off into the abyss. You can use your hands.

The team that reverses its carpet first without anyone stepping off is the winner.

 The Clump Game

The leader yells out a random number, and the players have to “clump” together to form a clump with that number.  The players that are not in the correct clump number are out of the game.

After a few rounds of calling out numbers, add a body part.  For example, say “clump seven knees!” etc.

To add another variation, after students are clumped together in groups, have them answer a question.  For example, you could say “now that you are clumped together tell everyone in your group what the best part of your week has been so far,” or “tell everyone in your group the name of your favorite Bible chraracter.”

 The Forbidden Word Game

Supplies:  clothes pins

Choose one word that is appropriate for the occasion.  You could choose a more general word like “I”, or a specific word like “wedding” if the occasion was a bridal shower.  Give everyone 5 clothes pins as they arrive to attach to their clothing.  Inform everyone of the forbidden word.  If someone says the word, the person who hears him/her say it can take one clothes pin from that person.

The goal is to have the most clothes pins at the end of the game/event.  The winner can trade his/her clothespins in for the same amount of a certain prize (like lollipops, etc.)  This can be quite funny because when someone catches someone else, they usually blow it by saying, “I caught you!” or, “I get one of your necklaces!”