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The Salt of The Earth

Salt Shaker Salt brings flavor to the earth.  Salt has qualities that are unlike any other mineral.  It has the power to preserve, heal, and even destroy.  So when Jesus says, "you are the salt of the earth" what does he mean?  This Bible study will help your students to consider what the meaning of Jesus's famous saying might be.  They will be challenged to think about how they can bring healing, preservation, and flavor to the earth.  This study is complete with an opening activity, Bible references and anylisis, fun facts about the Dead Sea, and discussion questions to get your students talking.  Enjoy!

Free Small Group Curriculum!

Rooted Small Group Curriculum

Rooted ArtworkWhat does it mean to be Rooted in Christ?  The Rooted small group series focuses on this question over four sessions, which have games, discussion questions, and scripture references all layed out for your convenience.  Students will be lead to consider where they are putting roots down in their lives.  The objective is for participants to realize that Christ is the source of true life and real personal growth.

Unity Small Group Curriculum

Unity ArtworkWhat does it mean to have unity in the body of Christ?  This small group curriculum explores what it means for us to al be in "one body with many parts" as Paul wrote.  Students will consider that their unique gifts and abilities have been given to them by God for use in the church.  The icebreakers, scriptures, and discussion questions are all here.  Just print and use!

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