Below are free forms to save you time and grief so that you can concentrate on ministering to students.  A few of them are samples only for legal reasons, the rest are free for the pickin’!

Overnight Medication Form For Minors

MedicationDo you have a form to keep track of what medications each minor has on a trip?  Have you ever considered that you may be the one responsible for administering medication to minors on a mission trip or retreat weekend?  Many camps and Christian conference centers will have their own policies concerning medication.  Your church should have its own policy for minors and meds as well.  This form will help you keep track of who is taking what meds, what the dosage is, and how often the student takes the medication.  This form and the suggetions we have provided here are only starting points.  Each church should consult its insurance company and an attourney for further advice on crafting a policy for minors and medication.

Sign Up Sheet

HSign Up Sheetaving a sign up sheet for an event is a fairly basic part of most major events.  Sign up sheets provide two benifits.  They give the youth minister a basic idea of how many kids have signed up, including their names and some basic contact info.  The second benifit is that students can see the names of friends that have signed up, which makes them want to sign up too.  You can save this sign up sheet to your computer and easily edit it for any event.  Remember, the sign up sheet for an event is no substitute for a signed parental/guardian medical and liability release form.