SMI was founded in 2012 as a resource for student ministers, youth-workers, Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, anyone else that serves with teenagers.  Our desire is to  provide excellent ideas for student ministry, so that student ministries everywhere will be equipped to disciple the next generation of Christian leaders.

We all know that there is no shortage of resources for student ministry, so why SMI?  The creators and contrubutors of SMI know that the best resource in ministry isn’t some publishing company who won’t stop bugging you to buy their product, (how did they get your number anyways?)  but relationships with people.  Our vision is for youth ministers to help each other through sharing ministry ideas.  By discussing what works and what doesn’t work, exlporing ways of engaging 21st century students with the Gospel, and even supporting each other through failures and trials, we can edify each other toward serving in God’s kingdom more faithfully.